Facebook Throttles Down Organic Reach for Business Pages

If you have experienced a sudden dip in Facebook engagement on your business page, I high recommend this video by Lisa Bloom. Lisa explains five ways you can boost your organic reach. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CT_24SaPVA My Experience Several weeks ago, the Facebook page for Pacha’s Pajamas was really rolling. We were posting about 15 photos. The average post was getting 40-60 shares …


50 is the new 30

I sit here contemplating my 50 trips around the sun, enjoying the time to myself, thinking about Melia, my family, friends and colleagues, Pacha, and my personal evolution. I smile, recalling that three months ago, I could not imagine feeling this way at 50 years old. In fact, my plan was to more or less ignore my birthday and pretend it …


Oil Pulling Joins My Morning Routine

Six months, A friend introduced me to oil pulling. She told me that swishing coconut or sesame oil around one’s mouth for 20 minutes pulls heavy metals out of the body and is healthy for the skin. Dr. Mercola wrote a great post about oil pulling earlier this mouth. Ancient Ayurveda texts claim that oil pulling may cure about 30 systemic diseases and even today, it’s …


Evidential Reformation Integrates Science and Spirituality

I almost didn’t make it to Dhyana Hall to see Rinpoche Anam Thubten this morning. I was in my car, several blocks from home and the part of me that doesn’t want to go anywhere, the part of me that doesn’t want to drive, and the part of me that worries about driving my car all appeared at once, compelling me to glide into the turning …


Eddies in a Riverbend as a Powerful Metaphor for Change

I am intrigued by Tom Atlee’s work at the Co-intelligence Institute. I find his ideas about the role of collective wisdom and knowledge in the transition to a more sustainable future extremely compelling, and in particular those about the importance of creating processes that develop our collective intelligence (or co-intelligence) such that we are able to cobble together a future that works …


I Commit to Tithe

This afternoon I called both my business partner Aaron Ableman and my medicine woman Xochitl Ashe. I told them I was going to try tithing for a month and see how it works for me. This past Sunday, as the three of us were leaving the service at Agape Spiritual Center, Xochitl had asked us whether we tithed. Aaron said he did during the Prosperity Plus …


Our Best Facebook Post: Chained Puppy

This Facebook post of a little puppy (who turns out be named Timmy) chained to a poll has received an unprecedented response from the people who Like our Facebook page. At the time I posted this, it was already at over 416K shares. Post by Pacha’s Pajamas.   I certainly have not read all of the responses but three types of responses …

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Storysculpting: Live Stories You Want to Tell

Storysculpting (also termed Storyliving and Storymaking) is a practice that I use to create stories I want to tell and to make effective choices. It came out of some deep contemplation about applying storytelling to one’s life. I was convinced that becoming a great storyteller could positively impact my life but did not find much in the literature about integrating storytelling …


My Biological Dad

I met Brian Stross when I was 33. He was my biological father. Over time I came to think of him as another Dad. Up until that time, when people would ask me “What are you?” I’d say “I’m a quarter Egyptian, a quarter German and a half Creole from Nawlins.” That’s what I had surmised from what I had been …

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Growth Through Pain and Discomfort

This was the one of two biggest insights that I came through in the grieving process from the divorce. If I generally experience growth through pain or discomfort, why would it be any different for the planet?