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My Green Dudes Radio Talk

I had the pleasure being interviewed by Meg of Green Divas/Green Dudes Radio about the launch of Pacha’s Pajamas and how the stories we tell can change the world.

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The Origin of Bay Localize

Bright and early Saturday morning, my animator Allah and I made our way to Bay Localize’s ten year anniversary celebration. After several beautiful acapella songs by Desiree and a benediction by Rafael Jesus Gonzales backed by Gera Marin, Aaron Lehmer and I kicked off the program by sharing an abbreviated story of origin of Bay Localize. We had only 5 minutes. Below is a more …

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The mystery of storytelling: Julian Friedmann at TEDxEaling Talks

I found this video particularly helpful for another way of thinking about storytelling. Julian suggests that the audience is the most important consideration for telling great stories. Storytellers need to focus on taking the audience on a sequence of emotions, which seem akin to an emotional rollercoaster. He speaks of Aristotle’s formula for telling stories that captivate the audience. The key is to evoke this sequence of emotions …


The Reunion of the Eagle and Condor is Unfolding

Early in my awakening journey, I was introduced to the story of how the Pachamama Alliance was formed after a meeting between indigenous elders in Ecuador and group of people from San Francisco. At the time, I did not realize that this was the beginning of the latest chapter of an ancient prophecy. The Achuar are an indigenous tribe deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon that …

Shift Network Beyond Heros

Beyond the Hero’s Journey in the Catalyst

My post on the Awakening Journey  was just published in The Shift Network‘s Catalyst newsletter. Here’s the opening. I used to think of myself as a change agent, but lately I’ve realized that I am more of a cultural re-engineer with an aptitude and deep interest in shift shaping. I am particularly excited in that latter context about the notion of “the …

Pacha Alive 3

Pacha Alive Debuts

I was doing my resistance exercises while watching the ninth episode of Mr. Robot, a pretty wild show about a delusional, morphine addicted hacker that is trying to take down none other than Evil Corporation. Super twist that just fried my brain. Was hard to pause it with 10 minutes left in the episode, but I’m wanting to wind down. …

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Awakening to a Path Beyond the Hero’s Journey

That moment when the crowd you are facing is standing and enthusiastically exclaiming their appreciation with applause, yelps, and hoots… I’m back in Jenny Sauer-Klein’s Game Changers workshop at Impact Hub Oakland about a year ago. In the last exercise of the evening, we separate into teams of 8 people and take turns receiving a Standing O. I remember luxuriating in the appreciative energy, alternatively …

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My 2015 – Year in Review

I am grateful to be alive at this moment and for the all the amazing people, love, and opportunities in my life. 2015 was a benchmark year for me. One of the best in my life. Not because it was easy and filled with joy at every moment, but because I found  my true self and was able to persevere and even …


I Almost Cut My Finger

Welcome February. Following my Rebirth & Renewal 2015 dream journal, January was about organizing. Fortunately I got most of the way caught up with administrative stuff. February is about strategizing. Never again? So (and I don’t start a sentence with the word so lightly) I was cutting some cheese. I’m moving fast because the eggs are already in the pan. …


I missed the Obamacare Deadline

Damn, i missed the Obamacare deadline. Partly because I did not take it seriously and partly because I’ve just finished a successful Kickstarter raise and am now helping the lovely Amelia with her event Rebirth & Renewal 2015. I am told that the first two RnRs were amazing events with 15-20 folks. This one, thanks to Impact Hub Oakland and …