Origin Story

Below is my superhero origin story:

For the longest time, my most important identifier was Melia’s Papa. Melia is my motivation and inspiration. Before she arrived, I worried that I would not relate well to an infant. I was great with kids that were already talking, but babies always seemed to want to squirm back to their mothers. I was hoping that would change with the arrival of Melia. When she was two weeks old, her mother laid her on my chest. I heard her gurgle, smelled the most divine baby smell and feeling so grateful to be able to finally relax with my daughter.
Over the course of minutes, Melia inched her way up my chest and snuggled into my neck. It felt like I was being nuzzled by a sweetest being in the universe. And then something happened that I cannot explain. I felt an electric pulse go through my entire body as if every cell was lit up.
I knew at that moment, this was the most important relationship in my life. In the next week, it came to me that when Melia is a young adult, I needed to be able to look her in the eyes and tell her I did everything I could to make this a more peaceful, loving, and joyful place.  At the time, I didn’t know what to do but it launched me on a decade long quest to figure it out, and which ultimately led to co-founding BALANCE Edutainment with the intention to create a global platform for engaging children in knowing themselves and their world.

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