Could the YouTube Purge be a Blessing in Disguise?

I was writing Jordan Sather of the Destroying the Illusion the other day on Patreon.

A week ago, Jordan had a YouTube subscriber base of 130K, which he had built in the past 13 months. Now he cannot sign into his account.

After the Parkland shooting, Jordan made several videos that touched on the anomalies, notably including the possibility that crisis actors were used. Several days later, Jordan’s channel was terminated. YouTube was actively purging many conservative and independent commentators. Facebook, Twitter, and Google Search have also been purging and digitally assassinating those with alternative perspectives.

This is what I wrote him:

Jordan, I just saw your “Bad News” video. Hang in there.

When I have major disappoints and disruptions, I force myself to ponder “How could this be the best thing ever?” And then I think of new directions or opportunities that would not otherwise be possible, and which could actually  turn out better in the long run. I call this the “Opportunity Gain” of difficult circumstances. It worked for the divorce and other things that I thought were tragic at first blush. Peace & Love

I’m going to tell you a story.

This notion started when my daughter lost the School Secretary election in 5th grade. Despite delivering the best speech and – unlike the other kids – barely using notes.  She was devastated. I was happy and proud that she ran and that she spoke so eloquently in front of over 200 kids and teachers. This did not seem to dampen her sadness.

I didn’t know what to say for awhile.

I suggested that we try something out – if something is not going our way, let’s do something different that we may not have done otherwise. I asked her what she could focus on now considering that she would not be bogged down as School Secretary.

She decided that she was going to get a good role in her school’s upcoming production of the Little Mermaid.  We put our heads together;  she would learn Ariel’s two main songs ahead of time and nail the audition. Over the next two weeks, she was singing all the time. I loved it. She loved it. She auditioned the following week. She was one of four kids called back for Ariel and Ursula. I was hopeful. And we soon found out that she got the leading role – Ariel!

This led to leading roles in three subsequent musical productions, bringing her tremendous joy, purpose, and esteem. None of that would have happened had she won the election.

This past fall,  I had the opportunity to ask myself “How could this be the best thing ever?” I’ll spare you the details. Suffice to say, there was a moment when things felt quite bleak. Yet against all odds, it really feels like it could have been the best thing ever. Had things gone as planned, I would not have noticed Jordan’s posts about QAnon nor be this far along with my new venture, Bridgit, and I would not be writing these words.

I have no regrets.  They say everything has a reason. And if there is not an obvious reason, I’m doing my best to find one (~;

What I wrote Jordan was a risk. Voicing such an opinion to someone whom I don’t know and who may still be mourning a huge loss could be taken wrongly. He might have thought that I was insensitive or rude. Furthermore, I made this outlandish inquiry not knowing whether Jordan or anyone else would ever come up with anything that could take the edge off this demonic purge. But I knew it was possible. So I let go.

A day later, it came to me as I was listening to Jordan talk about his new channel.  I’m not saying it’s the end-all be-all, but it was a moment of clarity which felt worth sharing.

What if citizen journalists were to “aikido” the YouTube Purge?  Aikido is a martial art in which one uses the opponent’s force against them. For example, rather than trying to shut YouTube down directly, we could make it painfully clear that we are being censored and bullied for protected speech and work back channels for justice. 4.10.20?

Along these lines, the Youtube Purge can be a blessing if citizen journalists are able maintain a YouTube channel and use it to attract new viewers, while building presences on free-speech-friendly platforms. This will speed the transition to more equitable platforms like  DTube, Bitchute,  and I am happy to see that Jordan has a new YouTube channel, is getting establishing on other channels, and plans to be very judicious with his words on YouTube.

What if creators were to use YouTube as a front door to their work and then lead them to other platforms for the full story?

More on this idea:

  • Make videos that are obviously censored (but still interesting) for YouTube.
  • Experiment with having the notion of “YouTube-Censored” be part of your brand or a playlist.
  • Redact parts of your YouTube videos that could trigger YouTube’s overzealous culture cops.
  • Promote uncensored videos on alternative platforms. E.g., “Get the uncensored version on ny Dtube channel.”

Extra credit: Fill your censored YouTube videos with codes and symbols that subconsciously impel people down the rabbit hole. Entice them to visit your other platforms. Use hints and humor but not obvious enough to go over the line. And if they call you out, then we collectively flip it on them and call them conspiracy theorists. If they press, we collectively insist that we do a comparative review of the symbolism in other major YouTube categories like e.g., music videos and children’s entertainment. Then we collectively suggest starting with a review of children’s entertainment, and Disney in particular. Ok, I’m kind of kidding but not really.

I like the idea because it’s a win – win – win.

Viewers get as much as they can from each platform. They get the thrill of choosing to go down the rabbit hole. Step-by-step learning supports their understanding, tolerance, and interest. YouTube gets to claim they have things under control. All the while their viewers are being siphoned off towards higher quality content platforms. YouTubers gain notoriety for being censored and people are drawn to see their uncensored work on other platforms. The uncensored versions are released first to the nonYouTube tribe. There is, of course, the additional work of making the censored versions but may be it’s just editing.

Another way this could be “the best thing ever” is if it were to bring the greater QAnon community together.

This was a power play by the black hats – their trump is the media. What would Capablanca do?

These are just some ideas. And all easy for me to say.

But I’m sure you’ll think of something even better. Maybe even how this could be “the best thing ever.”

Peace & Love

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