Embracing my Independence (Day) in an Interdependent World

Ironically, I called my mom this morning to let her know that I would be staying with her a couple days while I rented out my home.  When I wish her happy Independence Day – probably for the first time ever, she says she does not much like this holiday.  I guess it ran in the family.

I am the first one to greet this holiday as Interdependence Day.  My thinking is that there is too much energy focused on our differences and the things that separate us, and focus on the things that we have in common and the things that connect us. Hence, a reframe from Independence to Interdependence.

But this year, I’m going with the Independence flow. I’m choosing to celebrate the important aspects of the independence pole, by recognizing that independence and interdependence are two poles on the same measure – nature of the relationship, and they differ only by degrees. This is the principle of polarity, the fourth principle of Natural Law, which is the immutable, unavoidable laws of nature.

I will celebrate Independence many ways today:

First of all, I am appreciating the care that the founding fathers put in the forming of the union in the form of the Declaration of Independence. I find that declaration to be one of the most powerful and inspiring statements for these times.

The Declaration of Independence has Natural Law at its heart. It says that a people may rise up and overthrow their governing body if it violates their Natural Law rights – paraphrased as “Nature’s law and Nature’s God’s law.”  Learn more about Natural Law by listening to this Podcast on Natural Law from WhatOnEarthIsHappening.com, starting at minute 21 and skipping over commercial breaks.

Second, I am embracing the beauty in independence by letting go of things I no longer need and being open to observing today any and all beautiful aspects of the state of independence in any relationship that presents itself as of interest.

Third, in the wee hours of the morning, I did some paperwork that finalized the separation of a former business partner. I had told him that I would do the paperwork by the end of June. As I woke this morning, I realized today was the day to do the paperwork. It makes me smile that I was called to do it today on Independence Day.

In these three ways, I celebrate Independence on on July 4, 2017.

Tomorrow and the following 363 days until the next July 4th, I will and suggest that we all continue celebrating our Interdependence.