The Story Medicine We Need

At this time of simultaneous awakening and destruction, we need a set of story forms or motifs that fully support and empower those who are awakening to “re-story” humanity and restore balance to the planet.

My intention is to convene a conversation with other shift-shaping storytellers to explore the development of a story medicine taxonomy that life on the planet.

The main elements of the Story Medicine Taxonomy are:

  • Inclusive Life-Affirming Meta-Narratives. Duane Elgin coined a term and started a Wiki site called Great Transition Stories. I think this is a great start. The taxonomy will also overlay the many indigenous prophecies suuch as the Reunion of the Eagle and the Condor as elucidated in this excellent article.
  • The Awakening Journey. The Awakening Journey is the story of an individual’s journey to awaken to their unique gifts and bringing them to the world.  Here are a couple of blog posts that I have written about the Awakening Journey.  My intention is to next write a post about how the Awakening Journey is differentiated from it’s cousin the Hero’s Journey.
    04.16.2016 Beyond the Hero’s Journey: How the Stories We Tell Can Support a Planetary Awakening (The Catalyst)
    04.08.2016 Awakening to a Path Beyond the Hero’s Journey
  • The Collective Journey. As coined by Maya Zuckeman, the Collective Journey is the story of how two or more beings come together to form an entity that takes on a life of its own. Multiple awakening journeys, hero’s journeys, and other individual and collective journeys can feed into a collective journey.

If you are a shift-shaping storyteller and would like to weigh in on the conversation, please email