Pacha Alive Debuts

IOS Ready for SaleI was doing my resistance exercises while watching the ninth episode of Mr. Robot, a pretty wild show about a delusional, morphine addicted hacker that is trying to take down none other than Evil Corporation. Super twist that just fried my brain. Was hard to pause it with 10 minutes left in the episode, but I’m wanting to wind down. I am about to shut down the computer when I get an idea.

We could tell people that we aim to get popular here in the Bay Area first and ask them for their ideas. I bet we’d get some really good ideas from the community. I want Pacha to find her tribe. She needs her tribe, especially hear in the Bay.

So I’m high on that idea, when I see an email come through from Apple. On the web site it says the Pacha Alive app will be available on April 5th. As of earlier today, I didn’t think it would happen. i had actually prided myself on my emotional detachment from the app. In the last 24 hours, I have been working with developers from India, Belarus, and now Argentina. We submitted the IOS testerday morning and asked for an expedited review.

Our initial build was rejected early afternoon. We had the word beta in the app; we did that because the app is not coming out with as many videos as we had hoped. Nevertheless, we removed the beta graphic. We re-submitted a new build about 7p with the expectation that Apple would approve it tomorrow.

But lo and behold the approved it before midnight. Our 0.7 release of the IOS app was approved and deemed ready for sale (even though it is free) on April 5th at 11:40p.

Thank you universe!