The mystery of storytelling: Julian Friedmann at TEDxEaling Talks

I found this video particularly helpful for another way of thinking about storytelling. Julian suggests that the audience is the most important consideration for telling great stories. Storytellers need to focus on taking the audience on a sequence of emotions, which seem akin to an emotional rollercoaster.

He speaks of Aristotle’s formula for telling stories that captivate the audience. The key is to evoke this sequence of emotions in the audience:
  1. Pity – Putting the character through undeserved misfortune, enables audience to emotionally connect with character and feel pity for the character
  2. Fear – Putting the character through worse and worse situations causes the audience to feel fear.
  3. Catharsis – When you release the character from jeopardy, the audience experiences catharsis.
Put another way, the sequence for the character is suffering, struggle, and overcoming.
He also suggests that filmmakers use the American model if they want a widely accessible film. This is less dialogue, more visuals, and happy endings.