Beyond the Hero’s Journey in the Catalyst

Shift Network Beyond Heros

My post on the Awakening Journey  was just published in The Shift Network‘s Catalyst newsletter. Here’s the opening.

I used to think of myself as a change agent, but lately I’ve realized that I am more of a cultural re-engineer with an aptitude and deep interest in shift shaping. I am particularly excited in that latter context about the notion of “the Awakening Journey.”

For several years, I’d noticed that many people are now fitting their personal stories into the Hero’s Journey motif. I – like many others – have found significant value in looking at my life through a Hero’s Journey lens.

But as of recently, the Hero’s Journey and I have been on the verge of breaking up. I had been having doubts for awhile. I would ask myself – if stories are the most powerful communication technology and the Hero’s Journey is the chief organizing story of human civilization, to what extent might the Hero’s Journey be responsible for where we are at today? How might the Hero’s Journey be contributing to what we are experiencing on all scales? What if we told different stories?

I am excited to see the interest and excitement around the notion of the Awakening Journey. Over the weekend, I got several new inspirations on where it is headed. For one, I realized that the story medicine needed is Awakening Journeys that converge and spark Collective Journeys which fit with a life-affirming Meta-Narrative (e.g., the Eagle and the Condor.  I’m in the process of writing an article for Uplift Connect on discovering our awakening stories and am talking to Transition US about a teleconference on the subject later this year.

Big thanks to Stephen Dinan , Philip Hellmich, and Holly Woods of the Shift Network for embracing me and my work, and for bringing amazing telecourses to so many people across the planet. I just completed the Peace Ambassadors Training led by Philip and Emily Hine, and am really excited to bring these types of tools to families through Pacha’s Pajamas stories and perhaps even a telecourse for families to learn together.