I Almost Cut My Finger

Welcome February. Following my Rebirth & Renewal 2015 dream journal, January was about organizing. Fortunately I got most of the way caught up with administrative stuff. February is about strategizing.

Never again?

So (and I don’t start a sentence with the word so lightly) I was cutting some cheese. I’m moving fast because the eggs are already in the pan. I am about to eat the last of four Trader Joe Basil and Cilantro Smoked Turkey sausages. I don’t eat meat very often much less cook it, mostly by principle – I think it is disgusting how industrial food treats animals. Though I must admit that sausages are a weakness. Don’t even talk about hot links.

Anyway, I am holding the last half of the hunk of Trader Joe’s Gouda & Parmesan cheese (my favorite cheese for the past several years) with one hand and using the knife to cut a thick slice of cheese that I will slice on its own. This cheese has a rind. I cut just above the rind, liberating my slice. And nip my finger. It did not cut or even hurt, but I noticed what happened.

I had almost cut a gash in my finger, and there was no room for error. (No pun intended; I would have capitalized it if I intended.)  I was simply lucky and I knew it. I felt in my root and 3rd chakras that I was being warned by the universe. That if I did not change, I would cut my finger sooner or later. Odds are. And it could be serious. Fifteen years ago, I cut my finger open and went to the emergency room – not that they did anything – just saying’.

Now I have to change. Or else I look like a dummy because I am not following my own advice – live the story you want to tell. I don’t want to be blogging in the future about how I cut myself again and now I really need to make a change. Nope, I’m gonna talk to the man in the mirror now. To help with the process, I’ll report how my awareness is going.


Save the Date:

Bless The Lake: A Global Mediation
A World Water Day Event
Sunday, March 22nd, 3-6pm
Lake Merritt Amphitheater  

Amelía Aeon Karris of KnowYourSelf.com and I are producing the World Water Day event at Lake Merritt. Armando Davila shepherded the event to this point, and will return at the beginning of March from a monthlong Vipassana retreat. In the meantime, speak to me or Amelía about the event. We are looking for volunteers to help with admin, promotions, outreach, graphic design, and WordPress. Who’s in?

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