I missed the Obamacare Deadline

Damn, i missed the Obamacare deadline. Partly because I did not take it seriously and partly because I’ve just finished a successful Kickstarter raise and am now helping the lovely Amelia with her event Rebirth & Renewal 2015. I am told that the first two RnRs were amazing events with 15-20 folks.

This one, thanks to Impact Hub Oakland and its beautiful On Broadway space, will be much larger. The event is quite ambitious; it intends to gather 100 positive thinking enhance the energy field of Oakland with its collective intention for healing, rebirth, and renewal. This reminds me of the experiments which linked group meditation with violence reduction. Anyway, I think its pretty cool.

Since I am part of the intended positive energy waves that shall ripple out from the Impact Hub Oakland, then it must working on me too. I can’t give what I don’t have. I love the thought that as I luxuriate in positive energy in my life, I am a stand for rebirth and renewal for the entire city of Oakland. I find this super exciting. Who wouldn’t want to be in a field of peace?

Please join me at Rebirth & Renewal. BALANCE is co-sponsoring the event. For an organizational standpoint, who wouldn’t want to be part of and event that changes peoples’ lives.

I know you want positivity in Oakland. And to make it happen all you have to do is show up. Just be yourself. And I know that you have something to offer. This new positive field of Oakland needs you. Help create a rebirth and renewal for Oakland.