My Basic Spicy Sauerkraut Recipe


Enjoy! I’ve been making this sauerkraut about going on 8 years now.  Always a hit at potlucks. Nice conversation starter. “Oh, do you ferment too?” (~;

The recipe for my basic spicy sauerkraut is below. It’s excellent. The secrets are one, use red veggies (cabbage, onions, beets if you like), two, throw in some spicy peppers. IMHO the vast majority of sauerkrauts would be better with a bit more heat than a bit less. I think its genetic.

Any how, I hope you enjoy this recipe for my basic spicy sauerkraut recipe. This will get you a basic very good spicy sauerkraut. I also have a special version of this recipe that I call Smokin’ Sauerkraut that adds just one extra ingredient. If you write me and guess, I’ll you let you if you are right

It comes out different each time as I use whatever veggies I happen to have at the time.

First, you need a glass (or plastic) container with straight sides all the way up to the lip. in other words the lip of the container does not go in much at all. You also need something that just fits within the container so that it can press down what’s in the container.

1 head of cabbage sliced thinnly
6 carrots grated with ribbon grater
1 bunch of radishes
2 beets sliced thinly and cut into strips
4 onions sliced thinly
1 whole garlic bulb, remove skin and chop finely
8 jalapeno peppers sliced thinly
3 Tablespoons of sea salt
Additional types of peppers as you like (optional)

Mix all up in big bowl and transfer to glass jar. Ideally it will barely fit and then you use the other object to press down the mixture in the glass jar so that the juice is higher than the level of the veggies. This may take a bit of time. Put the glass container with the object on top in a dark, clean place. Monitor to make sure it does not overflow. If it looks like it might, just pour out some of the liquid.

Let sit for 10-14 days or longer if you like.

It’s really easy. but you do need the right containers.

Please send or post photos of your creations. Or post to instragram and tag “meliaspapa”