Facebook Throttles Down Organic Reach for Business Pages

If you have experienced a sudden dip in Facebook engagement on your business page, I high recommend this video by Lisa Bloom. Lisa explains five ways you can boost your organic reach. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CT_24SaPVA My Experience

Several weeks ago, the Facebook page for Pacha’s Pajamas was really rolling. We were posting about 15 photos. The average post was getting 40-60 shares and one post was shared over 420,000 times. We were adding over a thousand page likes a week. And then we weren’t. Overnight the shares went to zero even on the one that was shared 420,000. We went from being Facebook prince to pauper.

Essentially, Facebook switched the rules which throttled down the reach of certain types of posts, the types we were doing, the types that were working for many successful Facebook marketeers. Facebook is in the business of making money, and they want businesses to pay out of the nostril to get to their fans. It’s there business model to give the service to consumers for free and have businesses pay to reach them, again and again and again and again… and on… and so on…

My Takeaways from the Video

  • Do not use the words like, share,¬†or comment (or derivatives) in the post text
  • You can use these words if you put them on the graphic
  • Create new images rather than just recirculating the same photos as everyone else
  • Instagram is a great source of photos. You can use IFTTT to have Instagram photos with a specific hashtag go directly to your Tumblr or Dropbox
  • Use polling software like Votinator that creates polls that go in the Newsfeed

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