I Commit to Tithe

This afternoon I called both my business partner Aaron Ableman and my medicine woman Xochitl Ashe. I told them I was going to try tithing for a month and see how it works for me. This past Sunday, as the three of us were leaving the service at Agape Spiritual Center, Xochitl had asked us whether we tithed. Aaron said he did during the Prosperity Plus class that he attended at East Bay Church of Religious Science. I told I didn’t but that an awesome lady had said she was going to send me the link to a video about tithing several weeks ago. She realized I was speaking about her,chuckled, and with a glint in her eye, assured me that the awesome lady was going to send me the link. Last night, I watched the video, Prosperity Plus with Edwene Gaines from Agape Spiritual Center. The video is about tithing. I have always been resistant to tithing, thinking that I don’t have enough, especially when I have felt close to the edge financially. I thought to myself “If I don’t have enough now, won’t tithing just make it worse?”

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In the video, Edwene Gaines tells us amusing stories about her personal resistance to tithing, how she committed to tithe for six months, and how it changed her life. In three months, she doubled her income. In six months, she tripled her income. By the end of one year, she was on the road to being independently wealthy – “I had opened two businesses with God.”. She attributes it all to tithing. And to boot, she’s charming and witty. Edwena suggests that we tithe 10% of our income to the things that feed us spirituality. It’s our choice where it goes. We can tithe to whatever feeds us spiritually. Once I released the reins and freed my mind to consider the possibilities, I came up with several places to tithe including my yoga studio, Agape Spiritual Center, East Bay Church of Religious Science, the Darmata Foundation, and some nonprofits that I work with including Conserve It Forward and Youth Leader. Through May, I am going tithe 10% to show my trust that the universe is my source and the universe will provide everything I need. At the end of May, I will evaluate how it is working for me and consider whether and how long to extend the trial. I will report from time to time on how it is going.

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