Peace of Mind

Why is peace of mind
Such an integral piece of the pursuit of happiness
so elusive?
Peace of mind requires safety
Consider that many of the people around may not feel safe most of the time,
And often have to leave part of themselves at the door
To feel safe upon entering
Imagine the pain when the being inside is only the skeleton,
All the skin, flesh, organs, blood had to be ripped off for them to safe
All things they love about themselves,
The beautiful, witty, hopeful, fun, happy, goofy, silly things
That are the best of themselves
Needs to be checked in at the door.
Consider that each time they pack these things up and check them at the door,
They risk losing pieces of the best things about themselves

Consider that some people never feel safe from the affects of racism, sexism, homophobia, and other ways that humans divide each other
and choose consciously or accept unconsciously to exercise their privilege.

Consider that the most dangerous of you to someone different is
the self-described liberal person
who thinks they are immune to this aspect of humanity
who has no idea they ways that their discriminatory behavior lowers the quality of life for others and for themselves.

We can come together in the pain.
We can share stories
However it is unacceptable for you
To minimize, diminish my story, my hurt, and my feelings
Oh you’re being too sensitive
You’re looking for problems
You’re wrong
You’ve got to walk with me into the pain
Of not being safe
Of not being able to trust others
Of not being able to be our most loving self
Welcome to the pain
Welcome to the pain
If you can’t get here with me
Than I don’t feel safe

Or you can open up yourself
And bring out into the open any weapons
You’re carrying
Full disclosure yo
The jagged piece of your past in your back pocket
That is not pretty
That is not acceptable
That is part of your experience
Share your indiscretion, your discrimination, your racism, your complacency
Then I can breathe a breath of fresh air
Gingerly place it in the ground
And walk away from it
Then I know that you get it
Then I can be safe

I don’t want to have to open up
To share my pain, my hurt
For me to be real
I am real now
And I do not want to have to come together as human beings
I want to come together as myself,
Acknowledging our commonalities and differences.

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