A young boy is reading a book with school icons such as math formulas, animals and nature objects around him for an education concept.

Augmented Reality Books 101

Several people have asked me how they can learn about Augmented Reality and Augmented Reality books. Below is a summary of what is involved, how computer vision works for the layperson, a commentary on the types of books that will be augmented, and a list of related resources. Augmented reality overlays video onto camera-captured video in such a way that the …

Cosmic heart

Embracing my Independence (Day) in an Interdependent World

Ironically, I called my mom this morning to let her know that I would be staying with her a couple days while I rented out my home.  When I wish her happy Independence Day – probably for the first time ever, she says she does not much like this holiday.  I guess it ran in the family. I am the …

fresh wet grass in sun rays, closeup

Blades of Grass

we are blades of grass in a meadow our common ground being Mother Earth despite our web of roots we imagine ourselves disconnected from the grass over yonder despite our common ancestry and form we see ourselves as different a portion of the meadow gets more intense sunlight for longer periods others get more rainfall more dew more runoff or …


How You Can Help Prevent Future Standing Rocks – It’s Not What You Think!

One of the most frustrating things about halting pipelines and other fossil fuel infrastructure projects through protest and civil disobedience – beyond the enormous amount of effort needed and the state-sanctioned violence that sometimes must be endured – is that these hard fought victories can be fleeting. Once the political tide changes, these climate exacerbating infrastructure deals pop back up …


Managing Temptations on the Border of Self-Control

I was reading this post and this paragraph stood out: ‘People who are good at self-control … seem to be structuring their lives in a way to avoid having to make a self-control decision in the first place,’ Galla tells me. And structuring your life is a skill. People who do the same activity — like running or meditating — …


I Wanted to Be a Cowboy for Halloween

Earlier this month, I attended the Immersive Industry Summit at Esalen organized by Alison Raby and James Hanusa of Digital Raign. It was billed as an AR/VR for Good event, and it was noted that diversity and inclusion would be on the table. Mid-summit, Alison, Melissa Sutor, and Ashara Ekundayo led an evening discussion about diversity and inclusion for the broad …


Join The Inner Peace Revolution

Join the Inner Peace Revolution! Check out the new film from our friends at Uplift Connect. Excited to be able to share my perspective along with my friend David Nicol. Thanks Mark Heley for inviting me to be part of the project. Great job behind the cameras Mark Arellano and John Wolfstone!

Night time with stars and moon

How Do We Midwife a Dream Culture?

What’s it gonna take to create the world we want to live in? How do we midwife the rebirth of a dream culture? How does the secret history of dreaming become history? How does dream culture become culture? How does dream culture become cool’ture? Does it have be competitive or sexualized or violent to get our attention? Do we need …

c 1850-1860
This beaded bag is made from two pieces of brain tanned hide that are joined together with a green felt welt. The floral design uses both opaque and translucent seed beads. The beaver foot-shaped tab on the lower right is buckskin and four leather strings at top make up the closure. This bag has the same beadwork design on both sides.
Hide, glass beads.
Nez Perce National Historical Park, NEPE 9896

The Story Medicine We Need

At this time of simultaneous awakening and destruction, we need a set of story forms or motifs that fully support and empower those who are awakening to “re-story” humanity and restore balance to the planet. My intention is to convene a conversation with other shift-shaping storytellers to explore the development of a story medicine taxonomy that life on the planet. The main elements of the …